Soundproof Curtain for Door

Soundproof Curtain for Door

Is it possible to conceal the noise created by doorways?

Noise can easily get through your homes due to the glaring reality that most homes are hollow. The noise created by the doorways can be irritating and, at times, may cause a certain degree of stress. Such a dilemma may already be considered a thing of the past because there are ways to avoid such irritating noise.

With the use of a newer technology, manufacturers were able to introduce soundproof curtains for door into the market as the alternative and the cheapest way of reducing the noise. Such technological innovation is geared to bringing into the market an affordable way of reducing noise.

Soundproof Curtain to Conceal the Noise

A soundproof curtain can do wonders for one’s room since it can reduce the noise that can get through the room. This type of curtain is just like a typical curtain that you use in your windows. It can dampen the sound because it is a heavy curtain. There are a variety of colors for you to choose from. Such variation can complement the ambiance of your room.

Having this type of curtain on your doors will not only ensure that you will have a soundproof room but can also effectively block out any heat or light that is being trapped due to insulation.

The efficiency of the soundproof curtain

Many had raised doubts as to the efficiency and effectiveness of the soundproof curtain to reduce the noise created by the doorways. However, such apprehensions, as well as doubts, are slowly being cleared out by customer testimonials and reviews.

One customer states that ”In my experience, soundproof curtains are very effective for sound deadening applications.” Though you cannot expect that the soundproof curtain will be a sound blocker, for it will not. You can still hear some sounds created by the doorways, but not that much because of the curtain. It will make the room quieter. 

Usually, the materials used in soundproofing products are materials that have lightweight absorption. Such materials are known to reduce the degree of noise effectively.

Illustration of how a soundproof curtain works

To illustrate how these soundproof curtains work for you, take the scenario of putting your phone inside your bathroom and start playing some music. The sound created by the phone inside the bathroom is irritating because the sound reverberates on the walls, and you can hear echoes that may sound terrible. However, putting the phone inside your closet, you may still hear the sound of the music being played by the phone, but it is less irritating. It produces a sound that is much quieter and much more pleasing.

The reason behind it is that the clothes inside the closet had deadened the sound and its echo. The soundproof curtain works just like that. The sound may not have died out of the clothes or the soundproof curtain, but surely it immediately ceases sound, thus making the room quieter.

Things to anticipate when buying or using a soundproof curtain.

You may be excited about putting on your newly purchased soundproof curtains with high expectations that it will be a hundred percent guarantee to block the noise. You may be dismayed if that is your expectation that the soundproof curtain is not a sound blocker, but it can drastically conceal or reduce the noise in the room. It can just deaden the sound the way the clothes inside the closet have done with the noise created by the phone.

The following should be expected in a soundproof curtain;

It does not have the capability of repelling inbound noise in the room;

It cannot be used to contain any echo in the room.

Typical Noise Reducing Curtain Material

This curtain effectively conceals noise because it is loaded with vinyl core, a polymer blend of PVC, and crushed limestone. The basic principle of soundproofing is that sound is blocked by mass. The concept of “mass” is the thickness of the materials, and the soundproof curtain is layered with vinyl and compressed with thick fabric such as velvet.  

Soundproof Curtain for Door

The soundproof curtain covers most areas, from the ceilings to floors, entirely covering the windows. This design may be viewed as strategic for it can completely seal the noise off from the windows and at the same time absorbs the noise inside the house.

Convenient to Use

If you are the type of person that is not fond of doing some tinkering in the house but wants to have a soundproof and quiet room, then a soundproof curtain is the best option for you. It can be easily installed without you undergoing any acts of tinkering. You will not be bothered by any complicated procedures in installing it. The soundproof curtain is elegant and the easiest way of transforming your room into a haven of peace and quietness.

Issues/Concerns about the Soundproof Curtain

The focal issue that you may encounter when using a soundproof curtain is the volume or amount of noise the soundproof curtain can handle. The soundproof curtain is not a noise blocker, and it can only reduce or conceal a certain degree of noise. You cannot expect a quieter room in a downtown business area where your house is located because the soundproof curtain cannot handle such noise.

The soundproof curtain can only be used for attenuation or sound reduction but not blocking the noise. But in any way, it can reduce outside noises. It can still be considered as the cheapest alternative to achieve a quieter room. It can be considered a great return for the value of your money because it can add to the privacy of your room and having a quiet environment.

With the different types, brands of soundproof curtains that are flooding the market, you may be caught in the confusion of which one is the best soundproof curtain. Before grabbing any soundproof curtain mindlessly, you must check if it has an STC rating, and the same is specifically designed to have the noise reflected. In this way, you can be assured that the noise can be kept out of the room and that the noise does not get into the room.

You must thoroughly check the materials used in the curtain, for it is not made of heavy-duty materials; it cannot effectively block the noise because it does not have sufficient mass.


In a world where one is bombarded with too much noise, you would opt to have a sanctuary where you can enjoy quiet hours and have a nice sleep. This is possible through the use of a soundproof curtain. Though you cannot expect that using the curtain would be a hundred percent to block the noise because it is not a noise blocker, it is a noise concealer and can drastically reduce the noise. 

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Product Recommendations

If you plan to purchase soundproof curtains, you may opt to check RYB Home Soundproof Divider Curtains and blackout curtains for living room windows. These soundproof curtains come with an extra insulating layer that can effectively conserve the cold and heat inflowing from the outside. It has designs that are specifically for sliding doors the size of W52x95 inches.