How to Surround a Cubicle

How to Surround a Cubicle

Do you know those offices with cubicles are oftentimes tagged as the worst working place?

Working in a corporate office or a big office is intertwined with the fact that you will constantly battle noise pollution. Noise has become part of the system wherein chattering by your colleagues is inevitable. Focusing on one’s job may be difficult when placed in this kind of office scenario.

But the glaring reality is that you cannot get away from it, and you have to live with it regardless of how awful and distracting it is. That is how things work, especially with big offices. Such a scenario can be dealt with from a positive perspective by resorting to ways on how to reduce the noise at least, so you can concentrate on your work.

Soundproofing has become a trend nowadays because it is seen as the ultimate solution against sound pollution, and it can be resorted to if you want to have a quiet working place. Soundproofing a cubicle may entail some minor changes, and there are changes for which you should secure permission from the management. Check out some of these few tricks and tips that you can do for your office cubicle;

Ways to Soundproof the Office Cubicle

The focal issue with the office noise pollution is that the sound is echoing back, and it is, bouncing off hard surfaces. With that in mind, you can directly attack the problem by resorting to some simple ways, such as putting a thick fabric on cubicle walls, lay down some carpets, attaching some acoustic panels, putting floor mats, hanging a soundproof curtain, white noise machine, white noise fan, installing acoustic panels, acoustic tiles on the ceilings and add softer furnishings. Let us take a glance at some of these.

Thick Fabric 

Since the sound bounces back from hard surfaces, you can combat that by hanging a thick fabric on the walls. You can hang it on the walls that you perceive to be an area that has a large volume of noise, or you may classify it as a “problematic area.” The sound will be absorbed by the thick fabric, and it will dampen the sound.  

You may want to try the heavy blankets that are often used to wrap furniture during transferring homes. These blankets have a heavy composition, and their fabric can effectively stop sound from passing through.  

Carpets can do magic.

It may not give you the same magical moments as with Aladdin, but surely it cancels out most of the office hubbub. You have identified that the issue with office noise pollution is that the noise echoes back and the main culprit for that echoing back is the hard floor. You can drastically reduce the noise by putting a carpet on the floor. You must have a carpet that has fabric that is thicker and denser and the more area that you will cover with the carpet, the quieter your cubicle will be.

Attach some acoustic panels

You need to consider things before jumping into the task of attaching some acoustic panels to your cubicle, because it may require some expenses on your part as well as permission from your boss. When everything is being ironed out, and you have already got the “go” signal from the top management,” then you are set to do the necessary work for your “little haven”.

The materials that you are going to need are just the same as the materials that are commonly used in recording studios. These acoustic panels are known in the recording world to have effectively reduced the sound that echoes and bounces inside the room. Attaching these acoustic panels to your cubicle will absorb any sound that echoes and bounces back into your cubicle.

Put floor mats

A combination of the carpet and the floor mat may be considered a perfect duo in controlling the noise. You just have to place the floor mat under the carpet, so it can effectively absorb the sound. The more area that is covered by the carpet and the floor mat, the more the cubicle becomes quieter.  

Soundproof curtain

If you opt to have the easiest and the quickest way of fixing your problem with noise pollution, then grab a soundproof curtain and have it hang from the ceiling, and have the curtain overlap the walls of your cubicle. The thicker the curtain, the more it can block the noise coming from the outside of your cubicle.  

How to Surround a Cubicle

White noise machine

The commonly used machine that induces sleep, was discovered to be very effective for noise masking. The white noise machine produces a constant or neutral sound that effectively blurs any outside noise. Though there may still be some noise, it is no longer distracting and less annoying.  

White noise fan

This may be an effortless way of reducing background noise from your colleagues, for there is no need for any installation. It not only gives you cool air, but it also makes your head cooler, so you will not be distracted by the outside noise, because it cancels any irritating noise caused by the fan’s constant humming. Compared to the white noise machine, this one is much cheaper, and it gives dual functions, such as making your surroundings cooler and keeping your cortisol down.

Softer Furnishings

It does not have to be expensive to have a quieter cubicle. All you need is an imaginative mind and a little rearranging of your cubicle. With the identified issue of sound echoing and bouncing as the main culprit in the noise pollution in the office, you can fight it back by putting some “softer furnishings” inside your cubicle. Putting a potted plant is a great idea, drapes, and some cushions as well.

You may also request your boss to put a shelf or a cabinet in the area you think may be the source of the noise.

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Working in a quiet cubicle is one’s choice, and you can always resort to different ways and options on how to make your cubicle. Some options may be a little complicated, and it may even require some permission from your immediate boss and a financial outlay on your part. There are also ways on how to soundproof your cubicle without draining your pocket, and it may even be effortless for you do not need to make some installations.

You may look at everything on a positive note, for your initiative may have a domino effect on your colleagues and your boss. The management may realize the impact of having a quieter cubicle on the level of productivity of the employees.

The different ways of soundproofing a cubicle may require you to have the needed materials to have it done. You may opt to check Bose Quitecomfort 35 (series II), wireless headphones, noise-canceling, and other quality materials that will suit your needs. Though there may be a lot of competitive players in the soundproofing market, you must opt to settle for these guys that have already earned a mark of excellence for delivering quality materials to their clientele.