How to Soundproof a Laundry Room

                                                           How to Soundproof a Laundry Room

While there is no denying the many perks of having a dryer and a washer in your home, there’s one major and annoying downside; the loud, disturbing noise.

Washers or washing machines and dryers can produce a massive deal of noise. While it is spinning and agitating, the machine vibrates as well as sends loud hammering sounds that can be heard from all parts of your home.

It can add to the noise level if you have a dryer, particularly if you are drying garments that feature buttons, zippers, snaps, or bulky items like pants and sneakers. Setting up a door in a laundry room plays a vital role in reducing the level of noise, but it usually does not make enough of a barricade to totally soundproof the room.

What are the Kinds of Noise You Will Experience?

The primary purpose of soundproofing your laundry room is to stop the annoying noise your dryer and washer produce from traveling in all parts of your home. To soundproof your space successfully, you have to fight two kinds of noise; airborne and impact.

Impact noise is a structure-borne sound, noise that happens if objects make an impact with other objects. The impact produces, and transit sounds in other structures. Structural vibrations, which are caused when two objects collide with one another, cause the sound to radiate from nearby surfaces; for instance, in your laundry room, a washer or washing machine makes impact noise once it is a

Airborne noise, on the other hand, is a kind of noise that is conveyed in the air through sound waves. Once sound waves go in the air and reach the structural element, they strike the element that causes a vibration that travels in the structure and gives off the other side.

Some common examples of airborne noise take account of radios, television, and talking. Airborne noise can come from your laundry room; for instance, if the washing machine is spinning or when many zippers and buttons are rolling in the dryer, the sound goes in the air to other sections of the property.

How to Soundproofing Your Laundry Room

To effectively soundproof your room, you have to suppress both airborne and impact noise. There are many techniques that you can do, and below are some effective methods that can assist in lessening the noise which comes out of the laundry room.

  • Use Vibration Damping Mats

Most of the noise that comes from your laundry room is structure and comes from the vibration, which the washing machine or dryer produces. As the washer or dryer spins and agitates, it generates vibrations that travel in the walks and floor, then transmitted in other elements of your structure, which echo throughout your home.

Setting up vibration maps or popularly called anti-vibration, is a simple and efficient way of getting rid of this unnecessary structural noise. These vibration pads usually are made of durable and thick rubber that has sound-absorbing material.

 How to Soundproof a Laundry Room

Set up vibration-damping maps under the washer and dryer to absorb the noise generated and transmitted on the floor. Also, you can install the mats to the walls which surround the washer for more noise prevention.

When buying anti-vibration mats, make sure to buy the thicker ones. It is also highly recommended to opt to moisture-resistant mats. If water, laundry detergent or fabric softener, or any form of liquid drip onto the pads, you can wipe it up easily.

  • Soundproofing Your Door

Usually, doors have gaps or spaces, and those spaces enable airborne noise to go to your laundry room and other parts of your property. So, to get rid of unnecessary noise, you must soundproof your doors. There are many ways in which you can cover up the gaps in the laundry room doors and avoid the traveling of airborne noise. This takes account of the following:

Soundproofing Blankets: The simplest solution is to hang a soundproofing blanket on either the exterior or interior of your doors. You can also hang on both sides. These soundproofing blankets are thick and made of tough materials which absorb sound.

To ensure you purchase the right size blanket, first, you need to measure your door. If you find it hard to find a blanket that will fit the right sizes of your door, you can change them so that they’ll cover the surface. Secure using nails or glue or set up a curtain rod and suspend the soundproofing blanket from the rod.

Weather Stripping Tape: This kind of tape can efficiently soundproof your laundry room. The purpose of this weather stripping tape is to avoid the transfer of the heat and block drafts; it is also capable of blocking out unnecessary noise.  

Apply the weather stripping tape to any spaces along with the door, like, for instance, along the pinnacle of your door and when the door is slatted, use this tape between the slats.

Door Sweeps

A door sweep is made to cover the space between the bottom of the floor and the bottom of a door. Utilize a door sweep that can be nailed to the base of your door or easier; you can use one which can be slipped underneath and does not need to be attached.

Buy New Appliances

If you have enough budget, why not consider upgrading your dryer and washer. Newer models are made to run quietly and very much efficiently, provide state-of-the-art features, and are able to wash and clean clothes better and at the same time help lessens the utility bills and reduce carbon footprint.

While you will likely have to utilize other soundproofing methods to reduce or lessen the noise coming out of the laundry room successfully, investing in new appliances can surely assist in keeping things noticeably quieter.

Product Recommendations

Anti Vibration Pads with Tank Tread Grip

As mentioned above, anti-vibration pads are effective in soundproofing your laundry, and when it comes to this product, the Anti Vibration Pads with Tank Tread Grip stand out from the rest. This product comes with Elections exceptional grip pattern made to stay in place even during the shakiest loads.

The best way to make sure dryers and washers will not walk on the floor is to adjust the level, and this product comes with a bubble to perfect it yourself with ease.

This is also made to have the best balance of floor grip, durability as well as noise dampening. This is easy and fast to install. No skills or special tools are needed; just slip it into place. This also prevents scratching, scuffing, or any form of damage to the flowing. 

Door Draft Stopper Under Door Seal for Exterior/Interior Doors, Door Sweep

Sealing the gap between your door is also an effective way to soundproof your laundry door, and this product stands out from the rest. This is made of high quality adjustable and flexible silicone for a perfect fit, makes sure the door bottom seal is tough and easy to attach, and easy to remove. This keeps your home and loved ones safe from adverse weather condition, stop heat from escaping and blocking the noise as well.

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By using the techniques mentioned above and the recommended products, you can efficiently eliminate the thumping, banging, knocking as well as other annoying and unwanted noises which are coming from the laundry room. You can enjoy peace and tranquility while your garments are being cleaned. Get these products now!