How to Soundproof a Dartboard


How to Soundproof a Dartboard

Have you enjoyed throwing darts but are annoyed by the sound of the dartboard?

If you are experiencing such an emotional imbalance between enjoyment and annoyance in playing darts, then you may opt to have your dashboard be a soundproof one. It seems to be a silly idea, but nothing is impossible, especially when you got some basics of the technical know-how in making a soundproof dartboard.

There are zillion things of which you can do In making the dartboard quieter, especially if there is no available “extra room” for you to play the darts. You may find these tips useful, such as putting deadening materials on the wall, put an acoustic panel in mounting the dashboard, add furniture to the room, have a stand to mount the dashboard on a stand, opt to use longer darts, relocate your dartboards and make a soundproof darts.

Among those tips, you may find that making a soundproof dartboard to be a little tricky and complicated. How to soundproof a dartboard could be the basic question, and let me walk you through some of the basic technical know-how on how to do it.

The difference between a pro and a DIYer is that the latter is always on the lookout for new horizons in doing things. It may involve a few tinkering, but no worries for those involve simple ones. If you are a DIYer like me, you will surely love to do it.

Choosing a wall

Before you start grabbing materials to be used for making a soundproof dartboard, you must first properly choose the wall where you are going to mount your dartboard. The type of noise caused by the dart hitting the board is an impact noise. It is a type of noise that gets absorbed into whatever the dartboard is mounted on, which is usually a wall. It is the usual issue being encountered in any soundproofing task.

It is advisable that the dartboard should be mounted in the garage, shed in the backyard. Refraining from having it mounted on the wall that is connected to the living spaces. The garage and shed have a wall that is not connected with the house.

The obvious issue is when you are living in an apartment for you don’t have any other options but to have it mounted in a wall that is connected with the living spaces. It may be clever to look for a wall that is solid instead of a stud wall. Mount it on the outside facing wall rather than on the interior wall, for it is much thicker than the interior one. With a thicker wall, the impact noise would be deadened.

Making a Soundproof Dartboard

When you have already chosen the appropriate wall where to mount the dartboard, you need to look for materials in making a soundproof dartboard. You need to have a good backboard for your dartboard. Dense materials are used for the backboard to protect the wall from stray darts. You opt for an MDF for your backboard, for it has a woodchip texture that is ideal for the darts. The wood size must be bigger than the dartboard. Usually, the size of the dartboard is about 18 inches across, so you must have a backboard that is about 30-inch square.

To avoid the dartboard from moving or rubbing on the backboard, you may use some adhesive protection pads. The adhesive dots are ideal for this job, and you may stick one on each corner of the backboard. Before mounting it on the wall, you must ensure that the adhesive dots have enough cushioning.

If the backboard is not available and you have some materials of which you can make or to improvise one. If you have some sound deadening mat, you can use it for this task. Cut the mat the same size as the dartboard or have it a little larger if you want some protection for the stray darts. You can directly stick into the wall for car deadening mats are usually self-adhesive.

To ensure that your soundproof would work, you can have two layers of the mat. The dartboard’s main issue is the impact noise can be resolve by putting a layer between the board and the wall. The impact noise will be absorbed by the layer instead of the wall where the dartboard is mounted.

Use acoustic foam

Before mounting the dartboard, you can make use of acoustic foam. Most of the DIYers find using acoustic foam as a useful tool in soundproofing for it useful in reducing the impact noise. It drastically reduces the echo and reverberation.

The open cellular texture of the acoustic foam is good in stopping noise from echoing as it traps sound waves of the impact noise. The acoustic foam effectively eliminates the impact noise being created by the dart hitting the board.

There is a wide array of acoustic foams in the market, but you must opt to have the thickest one. You need to have a thick acoustic foam, for when you cut it out, you need to leave some foam between the wall and the dartboard. It is also ensuring that you have properly mounted the dartboard in the foam.

How to Soundproof a Dartboard

You can also mount it on the backboard or in the MDF and have it fixed on the wall. It is better to have it mounted on the backboard than doing it, for you would be using a glue stick to stick the foam, and it may be difficult to remove it from the walls if it is done directly.

You need to have a thick foam for the simple reason that you cannot make use of two acoustic foams, unlike with the car deadening mats.

This option may be considered the easiest way of making a soundproof dartboard. Though there may still be some impact noise, the same is greatly reduced and lessen. The dartboard’s main issue of impact noise can be resolved by putting a layer between the board and the wall. The impact noise will be absorbed by the layer instead of the wall where the dartboard is mounted.

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Undeniably playing darts is good, but it also may bring a lot of stress not only to you but as well as to those people living with you or just within the vicinity. The impact noise created by the darts every time it hits the dartboard may cause some irritation and annoyance. Following the simple tips on how to make a soundproof dartboard will make you enjoy the game without the irritating noise it created.

Though the impact noise may not be hundred percent eliminated with the use of those soundproofing materials can drastically deaden the sound and reduces the impact noise. Explore the different options in making a soundproof dartboard, and there is a great chance of winning the battle against noise pollution.

You should invest in quality soundproofing materials like deadening mats, backboards, and acoustic foam. You can be assured that these materials are designed precisely for soundproofing. With a soundproof dartboard, you can enjoy hitting the board with your darts without the apprehensions that you may bother or cause a disturbance with the people around you.

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