Best Soundproof Curtains for Studio


Best Soundproof Curtains for Studio

Playing on a full acoustic drum in the studio can be disturbing. Perhaps not for me, but your loud studio activities can become a pain in the ass of your neighbors. Even though they do not look much, the volume level from your studio can be the same as a subway train in a person’s living room. This is where you need to get the best soundproof curtains for a studio.

What is a Soundproof Curtain?

A soundproof curtain is a special kind of curtain utilized to lessen the noise and make your room quiet. These curtains are normally utilized in theaters, recording studios, and bedrooms to lessen the outside noise.

How Do You Pick the Best Soundproof Curtains for Studio? 

So, you are now planning to soundproof your studio with a soundproofing curtain. Before doing that, make sure you review the entire picture first. Soundproofing is your need, but there are a few things you can free along with sound insulation if you know what to search for.

What I am trying to refer to is light and thermal insulation. These curtains are dark and thick, but some of these also offer premium heat and light insulation. When we talk about buying soundproof curtains, I always keep an eye on the following features:

  • The curtain material

Additional fabric in the material is what I always look for. Velvet and suede are the ideal fabrics to consider, and they always look amazing in my room.

For a tip, make sure you look for curtains with insulation, Thermalayer, or Thermaweave layers. Those have added fibers that help substantially with noise. Further, an extra benefit is a fact that those materials function as excellent thermal insulation. That indicates they will keep your room refreshed in the summer and warm in the winter.

  • Size

Identify where you like to put your soundproof curtains. After that, measure the width, length, and height of the doors or windows you’re soundproofing. Always consider the size of the window you like to hang your curtain on.

Further, take note that soundproof curtains are different. I often prefer buying curtains that are two or more inches wider than my wider ones and a few inches longer. If you prefer added sound cancellation, you can try opting to the ceiling to floor curtains.

  • Weight and thickness

The curtain’s weight is also connected to the thickness and thus the curtain’s material. Are you getting serious about soundproofing your room? Then make sure you go for heavier and thicker curtains. As a rule, the heavier, the better.

The curtain’s weight is also essential as heavy curtains absorb more sound than lighter ones. For better results, you can triple or double the curtain’s layers.

  • Curtain rods

As I mentioned earlier, you must buy a curtain rod that can hold your bulky and heavy curtain. For instance, wrap-around rods are a cheap and simple-to-install alternative. They attach to my walls, which is practical as it removes the gaps forming at the curtains’ edges.

Are you getting stressed out that your curtain rod will not be able to endure all that weight? There’s no need to worry. You can also utilize double rods. Doing that allows you to double or triple the curtain layers.

What about if you’re not a big fan of curtains rods? Fret not, as you can change them with ceiling-mount brackets. They easily hang from your ceiling and offer more coverage.

Do Soundproof Curtains Actually Work?

Perhaps you’re asking now: are curtains only for show, or do they actually help remove unwanted noise? The reality is that soundproof curtains will not block all existing sounds. That would be highly impossible. Nevertheless, they can lessen the noise level entering from outside and inside your home.

Are you still doubtful? Well, hear me out first. You see, the curtains are made of multiple layers of thick materials. Those materials absorb sound waves created from within your room and noise entering from outside.

You’ll still be able to hear a sound when a dog is barking outside, as the difference is still huge. Thus, when noise is a huge distraction in your regular routine, make sure you go buy yourself some of the best soundproof curtains for a studio.

What are the Differences between Soundproof Curtains from Regular Curtains?

Keep in mind that soundproof curtains are designed from a thicker material than our average curtains. Oftentimes, they are made with different players that can absorb and block sound. With that being said, they’re often utilized in residential areas to lessen the amount of noise.

Those curtains can be utilized anywhere and are designed from different fabrics. What’s more, you can pick from various colors, textures, and designs. Soundproof curtains will improve your entire recording or movie experience.

For those of you with unique preferences, I recommend those custom-made.

Now that you are aware of what a soundproof curtain is, important features you need to look for, and their differences over regular curtains, what’s next? It’s time that we dive into the best soundproof curtains for a studio.

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Best Soundproof Curtains for Studio

Best Soundproof Curtains for Studio

If you have already gone through the first few sections, then you are now ready to purchase the best soundproof curtains for your studio. Below is the list of what I believe are the best brands you can consider.

  1. Mrs.Naturall Grey Blackout Curtains

Mrs.Naturall noise reducing curtains are surely one of the best soundproof curtains I found. They are a reasonable option too. Mrs. Naturall makes soundproof curtains in a wide array of colors and sizes, so there’s plenty of you to choose from. One of my favorite picks is the Mrs.Naturall Grey Blackout Curtains.

These soundproof curtains from Mrs. Naturall are 63 inches long. That only indicates they can cover your window or door quite comfortably. Every panel features layers of fabrics, which is essential for great sound absorption.

It features ninety to a hundred percent blackout fabrics. This soundproofing curtain is the ideal home essentials for bad sleepers, night shift workers, kids, and babies. Further, it’s an excellent option for blackout blinds for a soft touch and color scheme home decorations.

When it comes to colors, you’ve got fifteen colors to choose from, and it’s also available in twelve sizes. How amazing is that?

I also want to highlight that this Grey Blackout Curtains from Mrs.Naturall features triple weave blackout fabric. Further, the blackout window panels help the room temperature adjustable by insulating it against the winter chill and summer heat.

You can also wash these blackout curtains in your washing machine using a gentle cycle at a very low temperature. Further, you can utilize non-chlorine bleach if necessary. You can also throw it off in the dryer, but please make sure that the temperature isn’t that high. You don’t want to ruin your curtains after all.


  • The blackout drape can be easily matched with different curtains

  • Perfect for living rooms, studios, bedroom, nursery area, and others

  • It features a ninety to one hundred percent blackout fabrics


    • It is not completely blackout

  1. Deconovo Room Darkening Curtains

Whether it is for more privacy or soundproofing needs that you are looking for, a set of Deconovo Room Darkening Curtains might be the answer to all your soundproofing problems. These double polyester curtains will block ninety-nine percent of UV rays and sunlight in your space. The design combines a black lining along with fabric that’s available in many different shades.

What I love about this soundproof curtain is that every pack has a single drape, which covers standard-sized windows. In addition, I didn’t find any opening in the middle of this curtain. That’s why it can efficiently and effectively block out noise than curtains with two different sections.

My neighborhood is somewhat quiet, but there are still instances when the barking of their dogs can get loud. I immediately observed how much quieter it became, and I was able to enjoy watching movies without any outside noises interrupting the dialogue.

Also, I also love the fact that it helped me have a good night’s sleep after I installed this room darkening curtains from Deconovo. These curtains also can help keep rooms warm throughout those chilly winter months.

Another thing I like about this soundproof curtain is that I can efficiently save money, as I don’t need to turn on my air conditioning system when the day gets hot. Those energy-efficient and soundproof curtains also indicate that you don’t need to crank up your heater during the cold seasons.

Take note that this soundproof curtain is machine-washable in cold water. Always keep that in mind.


    • It features triple weave technology that stops sunlight and noise from getting into the room at any time

    • The soft room dividing curtains aren’t see-through after it is fully closed

    • It can be used in different places such as apartments, bedrooms, living rooms, patio doors, hospitals, loft, high ceilings, and more


    • The quality is low, and the creases look terrible

  1. NICETOWN Soundproof Thermal & Insulated Blackout Curtain

Did you know that Nicetown is one of the highly sought brands when we talk about soundproof curtains? The company focuses on creating different types of the room divided, curtains, and other similar products.

The noise-reducing curtains they make, such as the NICETOWN Soundproof Thermal & Insulated Blackout Curtain, are one of their most popular items. Folks seem to love them—just like me—and there are some great reasons for that. First, their curtains are reasonable, durable, and quite efficient too. Do you know the best part? You can easily install them on your own.

The NICETOWN Blackout Curtain stands out from the rest of the soundproof curtains on this list, thanks to its reasonable price. It will offer you sound insulation and premium light. This curtain makes all the expensive curtains offer, from darkening the room to changing the temperature inside and canceling the external noises.

Available in different colors, you may pick the one that best suits your requirements. If you are only looking for light insulation and optimum sound insulation, you can always opt for the darkest ones. Remember that the NICETOWN Blackout Curtain is machine-washable, simple to clean, and created to endure the test of times.

The curtain features three layers, and that makes it ultra-thick. It features heavy-duty, soft, and smooth blackout fabric woven as well. Also, the middle layer has a black yarn with high density and makes it a blackout curtain.

You will also get six silver grommets in every panel, with a diameter of 1.6 inches. Thus, if your curtain rod has a diameter lesser than that, then only get this soundproof curtain or simply replace your curtain rod. Those silver grommets are long-lasting, too, and look stunning in black colors.


    • It is a heavy-duty curtain

    • Denser, softer, and thicker

    • It locks the temperature inside my room


    • Other colors are slightly different than what’s advertised

  1. BONZER Room Divider Curtain

For me, it is not always doors and windows that are the culprits for letting a sound escape a room. There has been a case where I found that open space lets the sound reverberate off each surface, which makes it challenging to hear a mix of the guitar’s tone.

Fortunately, I stumbled upon theBONZER Room Divider Curtain. This one is specially made to be placed in an open space and make a division between two spaces. I think these are extremely skilled at stopping sound from bouncing around a room.

Every time I record in my home studio, I have always encountered the ill impacts of low-quality acoustics. I found it so stressful to listen back to a mix I would make earlier that I thought it was done and made to a high standard, only to find that it sounds totally different when playing it back.

This is a durable soundproof curtain featuring a blackout fabric with thick and soft tissues. I find this to block at least ninety percent of sunlight and UV rays.

Just like other curtains, I have in this list, the black window panels of this curtain can fit in various locations and help lessen outside noise. Also, it can isolate any room from adverse weather conditions.

Are you currently searching for privacy improvements and want to blackout a specific area? Then these curtains might help you accomplish that very effortlessly. Meanwhile, what about if you simply like to divide a room into two and stop each other’s view to make two different private spaces? Fret not because BONZER Room Divider Curtain is the ideal option for that.

Please be careful because these soundproof curtains are washable but ensure you only use a cold-water washing machine. Don’t ever try using bleach. Always dry clean. If that was not enough for you, you could try ironing them on low heat if needed.


    • It is made from one-hundred percent polyester

    • The light-blocking curtains are heavy and thick

    • It’s also made from durable, thick, and soft triple weave blackout fabric


    • It can easily get wrinkled

    • Some light can still get through

  1. NICETOWN High-End Thermal Curtains

Here, I have another set of Nicetown curtains. The thing I found amazing about the NICETOWN High-End Thermal Curtains was their efficacy when utilized over single-glazed doors or windows. Remember that single glazing is caused by noise spilling out from a room and causing disturbances to the outside world.

These soundproof curtains are accessible in many different shades, sizes, and colors. Whatever your space’s dimensions, you can find the ideal size to make sure your doors or windows are completely covered.

The company also has taken specific measures to enhance the overall quality of such curtains. They don’t have any artificial coatings or chemicals, which are normally utilized on cheap curtains. It’s also worth mentioning that this curtain is machine washable, which makes it a good option for blocking sound from leaving your home studio.

Are you searching for a reasonable soundproof curtains that rival the costliest options when it comes to soundproofing? Then the NICETOWN High-End Thermal Curtains set might be the ideal option for you. With flexible colors and sizes available, they are certain to fit the unique dimensions and needs of your space.

Overall, the high-end thermal curtains from Nicetown might be specifically created for retaining heat, but their thick fabric construction also provides excellent noise reduction properties. It features a thick liner backing that stops bass frequencies from passing through the material efficiently.


    • It offers many available colors to choose from

    • It’s very affordable, ideal for people on a tight budget but doesn’t compromise the quality

    • The curtains are denser than normal curtains


    • It will not completely block incoming light

  1. SHINELAND Blackout Curtains

Finally, we have SHINELAND Blackout Curtains. Coming in four different colors, Shineland Blackout Curtains offers remarkable theater-grade blackout. I love how they help lessen fifty percent of my energy lost through my windows too.

This soundproof curtain is a stylish option that efficiently lowers noise because of its thick polyester blend materials. I was amazed by the durability of such curtains and found them to be a good option for doors and windows that allow sound to pass through.

The elegant black grommet installed across the top layer of the curtains might not be directly associated to its soundproofing abilities, but they’re relatively simple to slide across the pole. I think that’s an important feature, especially if you’re using them to divide two areas within the same room. It will allow you to easily close and open the curtains.

Upon further evaluation, I discovered that the reason that these Shineland curtains can stop sounds from passing through them is the way their layers are made. On the top, I found a later of soft fabric, offering an aesthetically pleasing quality. I also found a dense layer of black yarn, absorbing sound. The final fabric layer offers more reinforcement, and the black liner guarantees the curtains stop light from entering the room when they’re dawn.

Take note that the SHINELAND Blackout Curtains are ideal for all music listeners and musicians out there. These are versatile enough to be installed into any space in your room, which is most in need of soundproofing.

Available in a broad spectrum of sizes and colors, these Shineland curtains provide great soundproofing, light blocking, and heat retention. Further, its remarkable design guarantees that sound frequencies are absorbed, and its black liner adds a barrier to avoid spillage.


    • It features triple weaving fabric and does not contain any chemical

    • It features thermal insulated curtains with a black liner

    • Solid and soft blackout blinds provide a pitch black out and modern privacy


    • It requires careful washing and drying


Always remember that soundproofing isn’t a simple game. You need various types of soundproofing materials and thorough planning to efficiently soundproof your studio.

A soundproof curtain for a studio is just one ingredient we need for the entire soundproofing process. Nonetheless, if your need is not that big, then feel free to use it. What about if your need is big, like soundproofing a vocal cabin or acoustic treatment of your studio control room? In that case, you must go with proper planning and use such curtains as one of your plans.

Soundproof curtains cannot totally block all the noise entering your studio. Still, they are much more reasonable than costly remodeling projects like door or window replacements. If you invest in thick, quality curtains and pair them with a liner, they should enhance disruptive noise significantly.

Done and installed properly, your soundproof curtain can make a difference in the amount of noise getting through your windows and doors. Also, take note that your instrument’s size and its intensity influence the noise level. Try adding furniture in your studio to help absorb more sound.